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Takashi Murakami, a renowned Japanese contemporary artist (Photo by RK c)2019 Takashi Muakami/Kaikai Kiki Co. Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Replica announces today that it has partnered with yet another artist. The resultant timepiece is once again anything but ordinary. Takashi Murakami is a contemporary Japanese artist.

Murakami, who was born in Tokyo in Japan, is known for his unique ability to combine traditional Japanese art training with popular culture. His work, which is often deliriously colorful and cheerful, blends high art with what is considered to be pedestrian. Murakami's seemingly harmless work hides a darker message. It is "a subtle criticism of Japan's current culture and the West's intrusion upon it," according to his artist profile on theartstory.org.Rolex Replica Watches Murakami was inspired to create his widely recognized Flowers. The original intention behind the piece was to convey the devastation caused by the Hiroshima-Nagasaki bombings in 1945.

Murakami's Flower, which was created in 1995, has appeared on the collaborations of names like Ben Baller Kanye West Supreme, Louis Vuitton and Virgil Abloh, to name a couple. Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Replica approached him in order to bring his artwork into the world Swiss watchmaking.

Murakami recalls: "My friend Fed Tan, of fashion marketing agency Social/Capital, in Hong Kong, messaged me three times in the fall of 2019 that Michael Tay from The Hour Glass wanted to meet me about a Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Replica collaboration. I already had a watch collaboration that involved a Japanese independent watchmaker named Hajime asaoka. It was a complication timepiece, so I figured it would be enough. "But after many requests,Swiss Rolex Replica I reluctantly agreed to a meeting."

What then convinced him? "Whether or not to collaborate was another story," he continues. It was my wish to get involved in the watchmaking industry at a level where I could create a totally original piece. My decision was based on whether this was possible.

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